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Additional Amenities at Prana: Massage services

Your hosts, and owners of Prana Rainforest Retreat, have been US licensed massage therapists for many years, and in fact the Prana name started with their first venture, Prana Spa Key West.

Here at the retreat we offer our massage session on our private Rainforest Jungle Pavilion which is steps down from your villa. The seasonal waterfall is an amazing backdrop to the relaxing experience and it is very coming to have any sort of wildlife pass by since the pavilion is directly on the border of the National Park. There is completer privacy here, as the visited part of the park is kilometers away. This is a private jungle sanctuary! The pavilion is modern and covered and even has a couple of hammocks that you can relax in after your session, or at any time during your visit with us. After your massage you are left to relax as long as you like, remember, we only host one couple, or single, at any time. At the end of your session, laying on the table with the sounds of the waterfall, the chirping of the birds and maybe the chatter of a troupe of monkeys swinging by, well it just doesn’t get any better. Jon and Mark are your primary therapists, and we are also able to bring in others who we love to work with. If a guest prefers to have their work done with a female therapist, we are happy to bring them in and just need a bit of advanced notice.

Jon originally established his massage practice at a popular gym in Key West and developed an amazing deep-tissue sports massage technique that leaves you feeling like all massages need to be like that! He works with firm pressure, long strokes, and a really amazing range of movement technique that opens up any “stuck” places with gentle stretches and specific point work. It’s a wonderful experience that can last 60, 75 or 90 minutes and can be experienced as a couples massage on side by side massage tables.

Mark joined Jons practice at the gym in Key West years ago, and practiced along with Jon picking up all of Jons great technique and then added his passion to the practice which is Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Along with the deep-tissue sports work, Mark also offer sessions in Thai Massage, a thousands of years old technique that is a mixture of yoga stretches and specific acupressure point work.You really have to spend some time, or better yet have the work done, to fully get what that means. Thai massage leaves many converted to receiving more of this amazing technique. Sessions are 90 and 120 minutes long and is not done on a table, rather on a comfortable floor mat. 

We can occasionally offer our massage services to clients that are not staying here at the retreat, but only when we do not have guests staying in the Villa.

Massage sessions are included with our Honeymoon Retreat Package.

Massage can be added to any stay with us and the prices are:
One hour: $85
Seventy five minutes: $100
One and a half hours: $115