Costa Rica, best travel destination after covid

Costa Rica was at the forefront of quickly responding to the pandemic and kept our numbers extremely low. Our tropical environment of sun and rainforest here on the Pacific Coast does not lend itself to easy transmission and the people and visitors of Costa Rica have shown the utmost respect for the nations rules and each.

We have been offering one couple, or single, the chance to ensconce themselves in our private paradise for many years now, and so our retreat is the perfect place to feel safely on your own while enjoying all the comforts that you expect in a high end retreat. Your comfort and enjoyment has always been our number one priority and now we can promise to offer you as much distance from the rest of the world that you like. Our wonderful local restaurants have learned to conform to the new world of social distancing and hygiene, as have our local groceries. If you prefer, you can decide to take all of your meals at the resort using your fully equipped kitchen. You can source from our weekly farmers markets and excellent fish markets, grocery stores and liquor stores or you can make up a list and we will be more than happy to shop for you.